Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This summer, T.Pope made a television appearance on His Place Tv, Episode 119 with Lauren Usher. In this episode Timotheus Pope, the Director of Citikidz and Lauren Usher, the executive director of Laurel Mountain Christian Camp discuss in part the nature of the transition to Summer's Best Two Weeks Citikidz having a permanent home within the gates of Laurel Mountain Christian Camp. To view the episode, click this link: His Place — Episode 119

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SB2DUB HAS A NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN NEW!!!!!!!!!!!

Local summer camp looks to expand opportunities for urban youth (click here to read the press release)

I have some AMAZING news about Summer's Best Two Weeks Citikidz. About 6 years ago, a retired Pittsburgh CEO decided to purchase and renovate an old Girl Scout facility 11 miles from our Lake Gloria property in order to build a camp for urban youth . They built winterized facilities on 130 acres of property including a gorgeous dining hall, an indoor sports complex, with a weight room and theatre space within, a state of the art climbing wall, a play pool with two water slides, and 10 cabins to accommodate campers and staff. Well, here we are 6 years later and the family has chosen to GIVE THIS PROPERTY TO SUMMER'S BEST TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, I said "GIVE!"

We have prayed and sought the Lord's face on where to be and what to do for 8 years!!!!!!!! And He JUST GAVE US A HOME!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE for ALL of you to be able to see it this summer or shortly thereafter.

Please pray for the resources to continue to operate (we will be initiating a capital campaign), that God would fill camp to overflowing with campers, that the Lord would provide the appropriate staff, and the HE WOULD CONTINUE TO DO EXCEEDING AND ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE COULD ASK OR THINK!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back and Forth, but Miraculous

"Amazing update! Amazing blessings from God on Friday and we are still experiencing miraculous recoveries in small steps. My brother Ben got to the house at 4 am. Alli started talking, well whispering  and is responsive and is asking for water and juice. It's an amazing day (Friday). We still do not know what to expect but it's a miracle. She had a miscarriage tonight (Friday night/Saturday morning). We are at UPMC horizon in Farrell right now (Friday) so she can have the placenta removed. The danger is bleeding issues. We talked to Allisons neurosurgeon and he said her recovery is supernatural."

Today the Good's are doing well and though Alli has still not completely recovered, we are experiencing small miraculous victories. They have moved Alli back to Presby and think she is stable enough to put a shunt in her head to drain excess fluid into her stomach. Please continue to pray.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Pittsburgh

Aaron received a call from his dad this morning and Allison is not doing well. The doctors were reviewing notes over the weekend and think her brain hasn't been able to get enough oxygen to function properly. Allison has signed the "Do not resuscitate" papers and it seems she could very well pass away within the next couple of days. Please pray for Aaron and his family, and continue to pray for Allison. Thank you SO much!