Monday, September 21, 2015

L.I.F.E. - Lessons from Judah Truth

Here at Summer's Best Two Weeks Citikidz, we often seek to encourage you with messages and life lessons. This L.I.F.E. devotional is from another perspective. Meet Kendra Pope, the author of the "My Name is Mommy" blog, mother of 5 children under 8 years old, and wife of the director of Citikidz Christian Sports Camps. Listen carefully and enjoy as Kendra reminds us all that if you look for God anywhere, you'll find Him everywhere and if you look for Him everywhere, you'll find Him anywhere.
L.I.F.E. - Lessons from Judah Truth from Timotheus Pope on Vimeo.

To see/read more from Kendra Pope, please visit her at: My Name is Mommy.