Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vision 101: The Foundational Principles of Vision Casting (Part 3)

III. Stewardship propels the future

If it is true that vision drives the future and your team must be able to sustain the vision, then great leaders steward their teams as their greatest asset.

When you have the right vision, then you go after the right team. If you have the right team, then you must do what it takes to steward that team to the best of your ability and the best of their interest. The culture and environment that the right vision with the right team will create also creates the right schedule. The daily schedule and yearly calendar should prioritize the vision, mission, and purpose of your organization. It also creates the right motto/theme. Each year, week, month, or even day should have a theme or motto to which all leaders can refer, and it should promote the philosophy, strategy, and history of your organization. Lastly, it also should create the right activity. Organized team activities will provide opportunities to practice the core values of your organization. With these things in place, you can take care of your team and offer them to the world as your greatest asset. You cannot complete your vision without your team, and if your vision ceased to exist, who would miss it and what exactly would they miss? What is the greater risk to you: to fail in a worthy endeavor due to lacking the right team and the proper stewardship of that team, or to miss the opportunity for eternal impact due to a fear of failure?

Your future will only be a reflection of the prayer, time, energy, and hard work you put in today. Based upon your preparation, what are you expecting? What seeds have you sown today that will sprout tomorrow? Are you expecting a harvest white with ripe fruit or a desert of dry and thirsty land? Sow seeds of diligence today and reap the benefits of your preparation in the future.