Friday, May 7, 2010

The P-3-1 Woman


It’s exciting. She’s nice and her value is priceless/
None fairer less comparing her to Jesus the Christ/
Let me describe her to you. You’ll find that you too/
Contend to have friends more like her than like you/
Her husband is struck; commits all to her trust/
She loves; does him good. Never brings him corruption/
She works with her hands. She obeys God’s commands/
Buys a field. Keeps it tilled. A vineyard’s been planted/
No need for alarm. She doesn’t even need an alarm/
She gets up while its dark and strengthens her arms/
She gives food to her house. Her lamp can’t go out/
She needs light at the spindle to finish a silk blouse/
She makes them to sell: coverings, shirts, even belts/
Everyone knows her and her family real well/
Her husband’s an elder. He’s known in the gates/
It’s because of the love of the wife that he praises/
Even her kids call her blessed, and I too can attest/
The P-3-1 woman, what a precious investment/
I hasten to stress for an example, its best/
Just to wait till the day that you see her upset/
She still speaks with wisdom and will kindly address/
The frustrated, naked, poor, and oppressed/
Her clothing is honor and she knows beauty’s vain/
She excels all the others in her joy and her fame/
Neither beauty and favor is the reason they praise her/
It's her sweetened demeanor, for by grace she's been saved/ 
Of all those I know, none is fairer than she/
Whose God is her refuge and Jesus her peace./

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